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Helping individuals and couples find new ways since 1995.


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Individual Therapy

Sometimes life comes at you harder than you expect. And when it does it’s helpful to turn to someone who can help you navigate the road you find yourself on.

Couples Therapy

Things like earning dual incomes, raising children, keeping a house up, and managing finances can leave you feeling more like business partners than lovers.

Affair Recovery

Relationships give your life a sense of predictability and meaning. Affairs rob you of that sense of certainty. All that seemed true is thrown into question.

Anger Management

In helping hundreds of clients overcome their anger management problem I’ve learned that stuffing anger or pretending problems don’t exist are dead end approaches.

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Meet Dr. Joe

Thanks so much for stopping by my website.  I hope you find it filled with useful information not only about my practice and myself but also about how to better cope with whatever it is that brought you here.

As a psychologist with over 25 years of experience I’ve published numerous articles in professional journals and has been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, NewsweekGood HousekeepingCBS MarketWatchThe Daily Record and many other national publications. I’ve also appeared on local news programs across the country.

You’ll find me to be not just a good listener, but also an active participant in your work. My approach is positive and affirming and I strive to bring new perspectives and solutions to your problems. I’ll ask you hard questions. I’ll provide you with feedback and support. I’ll tell you the occasional bad joke because sometimes we all get a little too serious and lose perspective. 

I’ll help you find new ways of thinking, feeling, and being so that you once again feel like you have a sense of direction and are back in charge of your life.

The links on top should provide answers to most of your questions regarding my practice as well as whether or not therapy is right for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions, concerns or to schedule an appointment.

Joseph W. James, Ph.D.

Your Journey Begins with a Single Step

After over 25 years of practice I’m convinced that the hardest part of therapy is reaching out with that first phone call or first email to inquire about an appointment.

In all likelihood you came to this page because you’ve been struggling or suffering for quite awhile and you don’t seem to be able to find the answers on your own.

Chances are that if there were an answer you could find on your own you would have discovered it by now. Every day you wait makes it a little worse.

You don’t have to struggle on your own; give a call (240-485-6053) or drop a line ( for a free 20-minute consultation where we can talk and figure out what the best course of action may be for you.

is there really
hope for us?
The Secret Ingredients That Make a
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In this free report you’ll learn:

What causes relationships to go into a spiral and how to pull out of it

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4 empirically validated signs that indicate with 95% certainty whether your relationship is going to succeed or fail within 5 years

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