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Sometimes life comes at you harder than you expect...

And when it does it can be helpful for you to turn to someone who can help you navigate the road you find yourself on.

As a psychologist with over 25 years of experience you’ll find me to be not just a good listener, but also an active participant in your work. My approach is positive and affirming and I strive to bring new perspectives and solutions to your problems. I’ll ask you hard questions. I’ll give you feedback and support. I’ll tell you the occasional bad joke because sometimes we all get a little too serious and lose perspective.

Most importantly, I’ll help you find new ways of thinking, feeling, and being so that you once again feel like you have a sense of direction and are back in charge of your life.

Eleven Ways Therapy Can Help You:

10 Signs Your Relationship Needs Help

  1. Communication seems like it is going in circles
  2. S/he seems unwilling to compromise
  3. Our personalities seem incompatible
  4. His/Her family gets in the way
  5. Fighting is cruel
  6. Fighting never seems to reach resolution
  7. Your fights become physical
  8. You rarely or never have sex
  9. You can’t agree on how to raise or discipline your children
  10. You have discussed or fantasized about divorce

What Kind of Relationship Do You Have?

Fulfilled: You are best friends and lovers in every sense of the word. You feel supported by and are supportive of one another. You can’t imagine a sharing your with a different partner.

Friendship: You are a team and may or may not feel like your partner is your best friend. But the passion is gone. It may feel more like you are running a business together than being lovers. There are some simmering resentments underneath that you can’t seem to resolve and your fights may have a repetitive quality to them.

Detached: You feel like two ships passing in the night. While you may each know your roles in keeping the house running there is no sense of teamwork. You have lingering disdain for one another. You are together more out of habit than any sense of passion or love.

One Foot Out the Door: You’re planning or fantasizing about your exit.

Dr. Joe in the Media

Your Journey Begins with a Single Step

After over 25 years of practice I’m convinced that the hardest part of therapy is reaching out with that first phone call or first email to inquire about an appointment.

In all likelihood you came to this page because you’ve been struggling or suffering for quite awhile and you don’t seem to be able to find the answers on your own.

Chances are that if there were an answer you could find on your own you would have discovered it by now. Every day you wait makes it a little worse.

You don’t have to struggle on your own; give a call (240-485-6053) or drop a line ( for a free 20-minute consultation where we can talk and figure out what the best course of action may be for you.

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